UFP launches campaign; calls on NCCE to educate electorates 

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The United Front Party has launched its campaign amidst confirming  the Chairman of the party, Dr. Nana Agyemin Boateng as the flag bearer for the 2016 general elections.

The Founder and flag bearer addressing supporters as well as various political representatives, tasked the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) to embark on public education and community durbars to enlighten the electorates on their rights to exercise their franchise and the need to cast their ballot in free and fair manner. The call also prompt the Electoral Commission (EC) to rise and live up to their duty in organizing the parliamentary and presidential elections in a fair manner.
Supporters of UFP

Supporters of UFP

 Politics of insults
Dr.  Agyemin Boateng admonished political parties to  observe this year’s  elections devoid of needless insults and personal attacks as it has the potential to tarnishes the beauty of the country’s democracy. UFP, according to him, will refrain itself from inter-party feud and political slanderous.
“As much as the world is advancing, Ghana is gradually ascending in her matured and refined political operation. It is to be known that members of political parties who insult from the navel and by the landmark only exhibit political traits dating primitive Africa,” Dr. Boateng said.
He told the gathering that, the UFP has gone through the mill – thin and tick in the political landscape and has a lot to say that the present affairs of UFP are momentary progress, is to speak a truism. The party has remained positively undaunted in the face of numerous adversities that come it’s way. He noted that the party will not mimics itself with undue inter-party feud like some political parties who have had their ranks separated and their fronts broken through intermittent inter-party feuds.
The newly affirm flag bearer announced that the party will soon launch its policy manifesto where the idealogies, philosophies will be privy to the public. The UFP is the third to parent National Democratic Congress (NDC) and New Patriotic Party (NPP) to have been organised at least two-thirds of a required structures in all the 275 constituency. With this compliance of EC demands, he charged  the EC to revisit it’s ultimatum issued to all political parties to have structures in all two thirds of all the constituencies based on the political parties Act 574 of 2000, 9C.
Free and fair elections
Dr. Agyemin Boateng was of the view that the UFP have a firm belief that free and fair elections will be the party’s hallmark and will propagate so strongly to instill clean elections before, during and after. The time to live above reproach in political gimmicks is now hence, urging various political parties to based campaign mainly on Peace and unity.
Going further, he called on stakeholders especially the National House of Chiefs, the National Peace Council, the Catholic Bishops Conference, Christian Council of Ghana, Ghana Muslim Mission, among others to embrace the December elections with the need to foster peace, free and fair elections.
Source: Ghana | TheCitizensghana.com | B. B. Asalimba


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