No Complacency from NDC Election Taskforce

by | Sep 13, 2016 | Features | 0 comments

As part of efforts in giving a major boost to President John Mahama’s bid for a second term in office, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has established regional and constituency taskforces to executive the campaign for election 2016.

Members of these taskforces have been carefully selected to lead the charge in mobilising the electorates in their respective areas to endorse President Mahama’s candidature and the NDC parliamentary candidates come December 7.

The Republic is admonishing these taskforce members at the regional and constituency levels to eschew any form of complacency. The NDC administration has done a lot in the health,education,water,road,energy and other critical sectors of the economy.

These achievements must be well exposed to the voting populace for them to appreciate the good works of the president. This would go a long way in deflating the copious lies being told by some opposition elements who have mastered the art of preaching hopelessness and pessimism just to create disaffection for the president.

The Republic is also cautioning the taskforce not to be divisive and discriminatory in their quest to win votes for the NDC; every single vote is needed for Mahama’s second term bid to succeed. All forms of  embezzlements of monies meant for operations of the campaign  must be avoided.

It is incumbent on the taskforce to as much as possible bring on board all those who have disagreements with some party members and government and have decided not to join the campaign. Their competence  and effectiveness would be based on  how all these real or perceived factions and dissents are united through their deliberate and urgent interventions.

Akufo-Addo  must be retired and he must be retired well in a resounding defeat come December 7. This requires the dedication,commitment and hard work of everyone particularly through the coordination of the campaign activities by the various regional and constituency taskforces.


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