Volta Region Deserves More

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The Volta Region has played very crucial roles in shaping the political discourse of Ghana’s young democracy in terms of its contribution of rich human resource and also its unalloyed loyalty to the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in every national elections.

This undivided loyalty has earned the region the name “NDC World Bank”. The indigenes of the Volta Region have over the years expressed reservations about the slow pace of development  in their backyard most especially when the NDC is in power.

Over the weekend at the climax of the Yam Festival at Ho, the Speaker of Parliament Rt Hon. Edward Doe Adzaho,who spoke on behalf of President John Mahama, assured the people of the Volta Region that the NDC government has not forgotten about giving the region its deserved share of the national cake.

This assurance by the president means a lot and The Republic believes it will not only remain a wish  but enough commitment shown the region and its people by government’s deliberate interventions in the sectors of roads, water, energy, health, education  amongst others.

The construction of a new airport, university, major road networks such as the Eastern Corridor Road, extension of many communities and villages unto the national grid, building of schools amongst others in the region is progressive but more has to be done.

Members of Parliament, Ministers and Deputy ministers, Metropolitan and District Chief Executives,  educationists  and all well-meaning  persons from the Volta Region must also contribute their quota towards the development of the region in their individual or group capacities even as we appeal to government to keep faith with the people of the “World Bank”.


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