Shai- Osudoku United Against NPP … Says Linda Akweley Ocloo

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The Parliamentary Candidate of the National Democratic Congress in Shai- Osudoku, Linda Akweley Ocloo, says party Activists are untied and poised for victory in the December elections. She has therefore has urged  the electorate in her constituency to vote massively for her and President Mahama in the December polls advising that, “ If you vote for President Mahama and for me, you are voting for yourselves, and for the future well being of every person in this constituency. I tell you, a vote for the NDC is actually a vote for you.”

Mrs Ocloo was interacting with the constituents during a thank you tour of Osu-Doku area of the constituency. She visited Tokpo, Jokpo, Agorteor,  Agbekotsekpo, Asilevikope and Osuwem. She thanked the NDC family for electing her as the candidate for the upcoming elections and promised that she and her team are working hard to garner massive votes for the president.

In a related development, this paper can report that there is reconciliation and unity in the Shai-Osudoku Constituency following behind the scenes negotiations and win-win conciliatory moves   by some elders, notably OWULA MANGORTEY, the famous Traditionalist to extend an olive branch to all sections of the party to sue for peace and present a united front for the December elections.

Mrs. Linda Akweley Ocloo, a teacher lost the husband, the former parliamentary candidate, Desmond Ocloo, in a tragic car crash in March after he won the primary. However, the widow of the late Parliamentary candidate contested and beat Dr. Michael Kpessa Whyte to win the National Democratic Congress’ parliamentary primary, in the Constituency.

Having no political experience, there were suggestions that Mrs. Ocloo could not make any impact and would be no match for Dr. Kpessa Whyte, Executive Director of the National Service Secretariat who contested her late husband in the first primary of four contestants and came second. According to Political Analysts, “the contest was very acrimonious.”

However, the peace initiatives by the Elders in the constituency began to show when there began a thaw in the frosty relations between the two political opponents, resulting in Dr Kpesa Whyte and Madam Lynda Ocloo being pictured heartily chatting at a Greater Regional NDC program at Ashaiman.

Flowing from the Ashaiman détente, a formal reconciliation meeting was held at Dodowa at which the different interest groups pledged to bury their differences and work together.

It was a memorable occasion as Dr Kpessa Whyte showed immense political maturity by donating  1,500 T-shirts, 2000 posters and a quantity of food items to the Parliamentary candidate. Dr Kpessa Whyte endeared himself to every one present when he called on all his supported to rally behind the anointed candidate. According to him, “the 2016 election is a competition between “changing lives” and “all die-be-die”. It is an opportunity to choose between “love” and “hate”; “truth” and “falsehood”; “hard work” and “entitlement” and between “ethnic bigotry” and “democratic inclusiveness.” He therefore advised all NDC members to close their ranks and work hard to ensure a cross over to the second term for president Mahama and a sweet victory.

Mrs Ocloo thanked all the elders who worked quietly behind the scenes to bring all the various competing interest groups together. She was full of praise for the show of love and care exhibited by Dr, Kpessa Whyte.

“I seize this opportunity to give an unquantifiable amount of thanks to Dr. Michael Kpessa-Whyte and his team, as well as the NDC Shai-Osudoku constituency Executives, members of our great party and everyone who made the reconciliation a success. To you all, I say, God richly bless you. To err is human, to forgive is divine, I therefore plead with everyone to let bygones be bygones so that we can forge together as a united party and push the elephant into the bush by delivering a resounding victory for H.E. John Dramani Mahama, myself and the NDC in the December elections, She stated.

She advised all party faithfulls to work within the constitutional provisions of the party.  According to her, “The party has its own structures defined by the constitution of the party and only these constitutional provisions can be identified and worked with.  My humble plea is that we should avoid work together in unity and love.”

She used the opportunity to appeal to the Minister of Roads and Highways to urgently repair the Asutuature Tokpo road. She said it was a very important link road between communities on the Team Akosoombo road and Bartor and Aveyime and Sege.

“The road is in such an intolerably deplorable state that we cannot boastfully campaign in the Volivo, Kotoko, Tokpo, Asilevikope areas for votes when all the people are asking for is for their road to be fixed. I know the Hon. DCE and our current Member of Parliament are lobbying for the road to be fixed. I wish to add my voice to the numerous appeals to the Ministry of Roads and Highways to turn their attention to the road before the December elections” she said.



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