NDC would win December elections by 56% – US government polls

by | Sep 22, 2016 | Politics | 0 comments

This paper is reliably informed that the United States through its embassy in Ghana has conducted a poll to access the chances of the potential winner of the 2016 Presidential elections and had found the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) at a pole position to win by 56%.

The research was said to have been conducted a few weeks ago to access the potential volatile situations for US citizens in the country from the December 7, general elections in Ghana. The research is also aimed at guiding the US on its diplomatic decisions with the next political administration in Ghana.

According to our findings, the research was conducted by some representatives of the US Department of State and some local political researchers.

It is unclear if he was taking a hint of the US research findings, but last week, during the launching of the NDC manifesto, the Majority leader, Alban Sumana Bagbin predicted that the NDC would win the December general elections by a 57% margin. This prediction is extremely close to the 56 % winning margins estimated by the US government.

“With a galaxy of such messengers, our parliamentary candidates, led by an accomplished Presidential candidate, John Mahama; I am more than confident that NDC will win with a large margin. The 57% target I want to assure all of you is achievable, yet we need to work hard, no complacency and we have to be vigilant on the Election Day,” he told teeming party supporters in Sunyani when the ruling part launched its manifesto.

He warned against complacency, saying that was the only factor that could derail the NDC’s 57% win margin.

This paper can report that the NDC is taking this year’s elections quite seriously. It has closed its ranks from all political differences that some members may have and are presenting a massively united from to fight for the party to retain power in 2017.

The past couple of weeks have shown the readiness of the ruling party, having officially launched its campaign and its manifesto. Almost all of its individual constituency campaigns have also been launched with all its parliamentary candidates on the ready.

This serious preparation of the NDC cannot be seen in its main contender in the incoming polls-the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP). The party’s front is as divided as ever with pockets of agitations here and there. Some individuals have dragged the party to court over unfair treatment, while several cases of contention against parliamentary primaries are still pending in court.

Also, the NPP which appear to be in a disarray to be able to put up a good fight against the NDC is yet to officially launch its campaign nor has it concluded its 2016 manifesto. The powerplay between loyalists of its flagbearer, Nana Akufo Addo and his opponents, mostly from the “Ashanti divide” is threatening to disintegrate the party before the elections coming up in a few months.

There are also reports of the opposition party being broke due to financiers holding back funds due to the confusion rocking the party. There are speculations that the party’s flagbearer may not even contest and may step down soon due to health reasons.

These uncertainties in the main opposition party is said to have forced financiers to develop cold feet at releasing critically needed funds for oiling the party’s campaign machinery. Party sources say, financiers can simply not bank their hopes on the party winning the elections with the sort of disorganization dogging it.



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