Akufo Addo’s Cancer: Doctor gives insight

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An expert in Geriatric Medicine in one of the leading hospitals in Ghana has described as very critical the health condition of Akufo Addo- the flagbearer of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), exposed recently by the Africawatch Magazine.

The doctor who would want to remain anonymous was interviewed by our reporter in which he analyzed the reported condition of the NPP flagbearer in last month’s edition of the Africawatch. According to him, if what the magazine reported was true, then Akufo-Addo may have just about 5 more years to live from the date of the diagnosis.

“ Five year survival from the time of diagnosis is good in the majority of cases. The emphasis here is on the time of diagnosis. Many others may live a little longer. If External Beam Radiation is mentioned [in the Akufo Addo case] then we are looking at one of the cases with NOT very good prognosis. The diagnosis may have been made quite late,” he said.

“…the initial PSA could have reached several hundred or a few thousand ng/ml but in response to appropriate treatment has fallen to 80.  One modality mentioned in the case of Mr Akuffo Addo by Africa Watch is External Beam Radiation. This is one of the radiological methods and is usually done in cases of advanced of Prostate Cancer.”

The shocking report published by Africawatch last month insisted that the 72-year old three-time flagbearer of the biggest opposition party was in a critical condition and that it had stumbled on his medical reports showing him suffering from a number of serious ailments.

The life-threatening diseases plaguing the NPP flagbearer includes Prostate cancer, damaged Kidneys and an enlarged Heart, according to Africawatch which claimed it intercepted his medical reports from the Wellington Hospital in the UK where he is said to have frequented for treatment.

“The Presidential candidate of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) , Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, the man who has yearned all his life to become president of the country, is suffering from life-threatening diseases, including prostate cancer, acute kidney injury and an enlarged heart, all of which has serious implications for his political career,” stated the report written by Steve Mallory, Africawatch Editor.

“Africawatch has seen some of his medical report and they paint a dark picture” the magazine claimed.

According to the geriatric expert who spoke to this paper, the advanced age of Akufo Addo makes him particularly vulnerable to these diseases attributed to him, saying Prostate cancer is a common cancer among older men. The prevalence is high in men after the sixth decade of life and rises sharply by the eighth decade (Men above 70 years are in their eighth decade of life)

“…it would be more likely that he [Akufo Addo] would have prostate cancer than not. Over 70% of men his age will have one prostate problem or the other. So it comes as no surprise that he has been diagnosed. Men in their eighth decade are likely to have atherosclerosis – hardening of the blood vessels. They are also likely to have non-live threatening conditions such as kidney cysts, late onset hypogonadism (weak erections) among others. There may also be kidney failure, hypertension and diabetes,” the doctor explained.

He hinted that if indeed Akufo Addo’s reported prostate cancer was at such high levels reported by Africawatch, some of the remedies he may have undergone include castration.

“ There are many treatment modalities available in contemporary urological practice but invariably most are aimed at reducing the amount of circulating androgens (Male Sex Hormones) like Testosterone. A patient may undergo one form of castration or the other. We have chemical castration that involves the use of Anti – Hormones to supress the level of testosterone. There is also surgical castration that involves the removal of the testes….”

“ Unless he takes the unreasonable decision go against treatment that can save his life. The standard thing to do is to castrate the patient (surgically or otherwise), followed by other treatments. This will allow for a rapid and sustainable reduction in the PSA levels. In some patients PSA levels may rise to several hundred (and sometimes thousand) ng/ml. Castration alone or in combination with other treatment modalities can bring down the PSA levels to below one (1) ng/ml. Since such treatment is not curative, the cancer rages on and the PSA levels may rise again after some time.”

Africawatch reported that Akufo Addo’s prostate cancer PSA levels were far above 80ng/ml but rebuttal from his personal doctor, Professor Adu Gyamfi, indicated that Akufo Addo’s PSA levels have been reduced to 0.03.

“Nana Addo’s PSA as done in June [2016] is 0.03 well below the four level and its well well below the 89.3 mentioned in the article. He doesn’t have any cancer. Anybody with that kind of cancer will not be able to run around as he is doing,” he told the media when he was interviewed.

The reported medical report of Akufo Addo is the tipping point of the long speculated health conditions of the 72-year old NPP flag bearer. According to Africawatch, Akufo Addo’s condition could only be a “Mills syndrome” waiting to happen.

The Mills syndrome refers to late President Evans Atta Mills who was the first ever sitting President in Ghana who died in office. Late Atta-Mills have also been suffering from some terminal diseases such as cancer which has been kept under wraps from the prying eyes of the public.

There are indications that Akufo Addo may eerily be following in that same path. Africawatch asked whether Ghanaians are “prepared to go through another Mills syndrome, when the illness impaired former President John Atta Mills’ ability to properly steer the affairs of the State.”

Akufo Addo has made several trips abroad most of which have been reported to be trips for medical attention. In May this year, there were reports that he may have sneaked into France for medical attention recently under the pretext that he was on a “Private” trip to France.

Already there are agitations building up in the NPP to have him replaced as the party’s flagbearer due to the health risks he faces everyday on the vigorous Presidential campaign he is embarking upon for the December 2016 polls.

There are reports from party groups such pressure group Save NPP now that in a few months before the election, Akufo Addo may indeed step down to make way for his running mate, Dr. Mahmud Bawumia.

These reports cannot be confirmed but it adds to the mix of speculations surrounding the health condition of the NPP flagbearer.



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