Complacency Will Rob NDC Of Victory

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I have been monitoring the political campaigns and I do not see the NDC to be working hard to ensure a smooth cross over into a second term for President Mahama.

In my view the NDC is a party with a good presidential candidate but laced with lazy and complacent field workers. Some of the NDC apparatchiks are only interested in the money and logistics being thrown about without seriously engaging in hard campaigning. Some are only interested in attending functions and taking selfies which they post on social media. No hard work! They are simply complacent.

If you ask me whether the NDC will win the December elections, I will state that the followers of the NDC are going to have a shock. Why will the NDC not win the elections? It is because the NDC IS COMPLACENT!! It is as simple as that. Complacency will cost the NDC the elections.

I will disappoint you if you are a member of the National Democratic Congress. I wish to assure you that if you do rouse yourselves to the realities of the day, the National Democratic Congress will lose election 2016. Why? Wait and see.

Historically, 2016 will not be the first election that an incumbent NDC government is contesting. The NDC government contested and won the 1996 elections. However, it lost the 2000 elections. Again the NDC government won the 2012 elections and until recently it seems to be showing lots of promise to win the 2016 elections. Can the NDC?

There are some reasons why the incumbent NDC government lost election 2000. Long standing NDC ideologue and Ningo Pampram parliamentarian, Enoch Teye Mensah,  maintains that  the “ the NDC lost the elections of 2000 because of  the profound damage caused its chances by Goosie Tanoh’s National Reform Party (NRP) and the consequent clamor by so-called disaffected personalities to contest parliamentary elections independently.”

Available statistics show that in the 1992 presidential election, then candidate Rawlings got 2.3 million votes against 1.1 million for Professor Albert Adu-Boahen. Also, in 1996, candidate Rawlings got more than 4 million of the total votes cast whilst candidate Kufour got 2.8 million – a difference of more than 1.2 million votes.

However, in 2000, candidate Kufour got 3.1 million of the total votes cast representing 48.17% as against Prof. Mills’ 2.8 million which represented 44.5% of votes. The very visible former minister for Youth and Sports whose tenure, though acknowledgeable long, also saw Ghana make appreciable strides in Sports explained that in terms of numbers, only 226 votes separated the two candidates.

Fast forward the NDC government in 2016 contesting another election. Can they win? The first identifiable problem which works against the NDC is Complacency.

I have observed that many parliamentary candidates have not mobilized enough funds and logistics to run effective campaigns. Some of them are of the impression that there is a large pool of money somewhere which will be doled out to them. So, there seems not to be well coordinated campaigning methods. Others have launched their campaigns amidst large rallies and vulgar demonstration of opulence,

As the NDC’s  candidate for the December pools, President Mahama and the NDC party hierarchy  have striven to stir  enthusiasm among the party rank and file with the  regional “Thank You Tours” as well as  the Manifesto Highlights and Manifesto launches in Cape Coast, Accra banquet Hall and the Sunyani Coronation Park.  I doubt if the party executives are riding on this momentum to campaign hard to ensure a smooth crossover for John Mahama on December 7.

However, Party Executives  at all levels seem to have been caught in the euphoria and are rather following parliamentary candidates to their  campaign launches which invariably have turned out to be jamborees.. It looks like the NDC parliamentary candidates are looking to outdo each other in a vulgar display of opulence. The Ghanaian Media as well as cross section of the popular media have not been amused. The NDC needs to be very careful.

During the recent manifesto launch in Sunyani, Majority leader in Parliament, Mr. Alban Begin, had cause to cautioned members of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) not to be complacent but vigilant in the 2016 elections.

Mr. Bagbin said he even though  is confident of an NDC victory of no less than 57% of votes, there was the need for hard work stating that “although the target was achievable, it requires the hard work of members in trumpeting the achievements of the NDC government as captured in the Green Book and the party manifesto..

“With a galaxy of such messengers, our parliamentary candidates, led by an accomplished presidential candidate, John Mahama, I am more than confident that NDC will win with a large margin. The 57% target I want to assure all of you is achievable, yet we need to work hard, no complacency and we have to be vigilant on the Election Day,” he said.

Are they listening to Bagbin? Are the party functionaries and executives hitting the road and campaigning vigorously?

The NPP and its leader, Nana Akuffo Addo are veteran election participants. They may seem weak and divided, but they are very capable of pulling a surprise an over confident NDC. The NPP’s internal troubles, which culminated in the suspension of three national executives last year could cause some of the party’s supporters to stay away from voting on Election Day, given that their favorites may be among the sanctioned officers. There are currently a total of thirty (30) members of the NPP contesting as Independent candidates in mainly NPP’s strong holds.

Recently, a political historian, Dr Samuel Adu-Gyamfi, predicted that despite the Ashanti Region being its stronghold, the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) may lose its grip on the region if it decides to be smug about its chances in the upcoming elections and fail to mount an effective campaign there. According to him, a number of factors, mainly demographic, were working against the main opposition party – which has seen its share of popular votes in Ghana’s most populous region slide from 74 per cent to just over 70 per cent since the 2008 presidential elections – to the gain of the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC), which continues to improve on its performance in the area.

According to Dr Adu-Gyamfi, who is also a lecturer at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, the “migration” of persons, mainly from the North – predominantly NDC supporters – to the Ashanti Region to access economic opportunities was leading to a rise in the voter base of the NDC.

Over time, he continued, most of such migrants had settled in the various parts of the region – settlements that have become known as Zongos – and had registered as voters. These Zongos, the lecturer explained, were expanding, translating into more votes for the NDC in a region where the party receives its smallest share of votes.

The important question to ask is how is the NDC taking advantage of the slippages of the NPP in even its Ashanti back yard?

Recently, chiefs and people of the Volta Region, which is popularly called “the World Bank” of the NDC have been expressing disquiet about what they claim as neglect in the sharing of the national cake. Even though government and party communicators are quick to point out many developmental and infrastructural projects in the region, may Voltarians are still smarting under what they perceive as neglect by the government and the NDC party. The NDC Executives must watch these things!!!

I am calling for hard work, loyalty and unity of purpose from supporters of the National Democratic Congress as the party battles to avoid defeat as happened the an incumbent NDC government in the year 2000.

They should overcome complacency and that everybody must find space to contribute to the party’s election campaign – reach out to all voters and help them to understand why they should trust the NDC with their votes.  I believe “a Vote for the NDC is a Vote for Your Own future of more Peace, more Progress and more Prosperity.



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