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It is a paradox, said an analyst, to watch the steady but constant in-fighting and disintegration of the NPP amid arrogance and pride. The dichotomy of a party seeking to win an election, and yet unwilling to admit that the  “extreme right” and the “centre right”  of the Party cannot hold together. Not long ago a press briefing called by the suspended NPP Chairman ( Mr Paul Afoko) and the suspended  General Secretary ( Mr  Agyepong)  turned chaotic and ended in protest and mayhem. Para-military tugs from the “extreme right”  brought the press briefing to an abrupt end. The killing of the NPP Chairman in the North, the confusion leading to series of suspension and members running as independent candidates, the attempt to bring under cover military personnel from South Africa to train NPP body guards, and the frequent harassment of the Electoral  Commissioners and their Chairperson  are all worrying signals of turbulence.


In his abject desperation, and his desire to be President, Nana Addo Dankwa has now taken to begging the people of Ghana to vote for him. Generally, a competent person applies for a position or is sought for a position, on the strength of his/her competence and achievement. Under no condition will  an interview panel looking for a competent person to transform a Nation select a square peg in a round hole who begs. This new turn, gives rise to suspicion. Either Nana Addo Dankwa has no leadership vision or is trying to smuggle himself into power by begging Ghanaians. Does he now agree  that he has nothing new to offer compared to President Mahama? Will Ghanaians try  someone they do not trust?  I believe above all, that Ghanaians are wiser and would not play with the destiny of Ghana. They want to see development and transformation. They want to see the expansion of the economy leading to massive infrastructural development. Now that Nana Addo Dankwa has nothing to offer except begging for sympathy votes; it is important to set the records straight .


Who is Nana Addo Dankwa and what is the history of the party he represents?  Nana Addo Dankwa represents the right extreme spectrum of the NPP – the so called  Dankwa/Dombo tradition, which is said to consider violence as a legitimate means to an end. It is important here to note, that right extremist parties in Europe and elsewhere, do not win elections because of their affinity to violence and their desire to go to war because “All Die Be Die”.  Besides,  Nana Addo is  72 years of age and so – by Ghanaian standards- too old and weak for a 4 year term as President. Behind the scenes analysts are even worried about his health. Some sections of the NPP Party even suggest Dr Bawumia should take over.  This however may not work except the NPP constitution is amended.


Having said that, let us now consider the performances of UP(United Party) and   NPP (National Peoples Party) Governments. The older generation among us would recollect that the UGCC (which J B Dankwa was a member) was  formed and financed by Mr F.C.  Grant (alias Paa Grant). Paa Grant was a shareholder and Chairman of the Native Concession Purchasing Company of the then Gold Coast. The Philosophy of the  Group with J.B.Dankwa as Chairman, was self government in the shortest possible time; hoping against hope that the British Colonial Government, in its benevolence would  present them with Independence on a silver plate.

After  years of waiting, it became obvious that the British Government had no intention of granting  Ghana Independence out of benevolence.  Mr F.C. Grant then  sent Mr Ako Adjei to London to invite a popular Pan-Africanist , Dr Kwame Nkrumah for the post of General Secretary. When Dr Nkrumah  became the General Secretary of the UGCC, he sought to continue with the positive positions of the Fanti  Confederacy, instead of the wait and see policy of the UGCC led by J.B .Dankwa. As expected, he faced stiff opposition from J.B.Dankwa and his cohorts. As a result of the stiff resistance, Dr Nkrumah left the UGCC and formed the CPP. His Philosophy was “Self Government Now”. In the bitter struggle that followed, J.B. Dankwa and his cohorts  often accused Dr Nkrumah of pushing the country into confusion . They saw the shooting of Serjeant Adjetey and two other soldiers by the Colonial Government, and hoped for the annihilation of Dr Nkrumah. As expected, the Colonial Government arrested and imprisoned Dr Nkrumah, hoping that his arrest would end the country wide agitation. The agitation of the people, contrary  to expectation was spreading fast. Dr Nkrumah and his CPP then called for general elections as condition to ending the country-wide agitation. The Colonial Government, in its desperation, gave in to the condition. Elections were held and CPP won massively. Dr Nkrumah became Head of business and in 1957 after a long struggle, Ghana under Dr Nkrumah won Independence for Ghana.


This was the first and the maiden defeat of the Dankwa /Busia /Dombo clan which was later to become the UP- United Party alias “Matemeho”. J.B.Dankwa surprisingly , claimed to be the  legitimate Prime Minister of Ghana, because he- not Dr Nkrumah- was in the good books of the Colonial powers. He argued that before Dr Nkrumah came he was the head of the UGCC. When his hopes were not being fulfilled, he began a  bloody attempts to remove Dr Nkrumah from Office. Series of bombs were thrown at Dr Nkrumah. Among them were the Kulungugu bomb and the bomb at the Accra Sports Stadium. There was also the assassination attempt on Nkrumah`s life during Constable Ametepe`s  Flagstaff House shooting incident. This led to J.B.Dankwa`s  arrest and his subsequent death in prison. His ambition to become Prime Minister by all means could not be fulfilled. In spite of his death, his collaborators- the CIA- succeeded in overthrowing the CPP in 1966, and replaced him with Dr Abrefa Busia-a member of the UP Party.


When Dr Busia took office as the Prime Minister, after the 1966 coup by Kotoka and Afrifa, he made  two major political errors, which almost disrupted the entire  National equilibrium. First, he deported all Nigerians from Ghana; secondly he dismantled the newly installed Atomic Energy Reactor which Dr Nkrumah had bought for hundreds of millions of dollar and sold it as waste  for pea nuts. Dr Nkrumah the visionary leader,  had built the Akosombo dam to supply Ghana`s energy needs as well as that of some  African countries. At the rate of growth in population, and economic expansion, Dr Nkrumah knew that he needed the Atomic Energy Plant if Ghana in future should be self sufficient in energy production. Indeed he was preparing the country to avoid years of “dumso”. Dr Busia is often regarded as the cause of “dumso” in contemporary Ghana, because he disrupted the long term energy policy of Dr Nkrumah. The deportation of the Nigerians, left a vacuum and was later to cost us dearly during  Acheampong`s time when the Nigerians retaliated by deporting all Ghanaians from Nigeria. Instead of uniting Africa, Dr Busia was dividing Africa. He also sought confrontation with Burkina Faso, when he abrogated the UN treaty between Ghana and Burkina Faso which agreed to  supply  Energy to Burkina Faso. As a result of the abrogation, Burkina Faso built two dams on the source of the Volta River in Burkina Faso. The result is the low water levels at the Dam site at Akosombo and the frequent flooding and the destruction of farm products in the North due to spillages from the dams at Burkina Faso. Where was/is the leadership vision in these decisions by Dr Busia?

.When in 2000,  Mr J.A. Kufuor  became President,  Ghana which was far from HIPPIC, was declared  HIPPIC by J.A. Kufour; thus playing Ghana into the hands of Foreign powers (including “British Vodafone”). He single handed, used hundred thousand dollars of taxpayer`s money to buy Medals  for himself and his friends. Corruption was so high that the then  Chairman of NPP complained about truck full of sacks containing cedi notes  at the Castle-the then seat of  Government -possibly the spillover from the redenomination exercise. Reports suggest, that huge sums of monies, floating in Swiss Bank is said to belong to Kufour.

This is what is likely to  happen when Akufo Addo becomes President. The history of UP and NPP is  irreversibly linked. One of incompetence, corruption, confusion and violence  that is linked to “All Die Be Die”.



Retired  Senior Lecturer

University of Ghana



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