Joy Fm exposes Bawumia’s lies

by | Oct 14, 2016 | Politics | 0 comments

Accra-based Joy Fm has exposed serious lies propagated by Dr. Mahmud Bawumia, the running-mate of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) ticket during the party’s recent manifesto launch.

The Multi-media group (operators of Joy Fm) operates a fact checking system called Fact-Check Ghana to whip lying politicians in line and for the umpteenth time, have caught Dr. Bawumia spewing lies to manipulate potential voters during the December elections. According to Fact-Check, all the claims made by Dr. Bawumia during the manifesto launch were downright lies or deliberately presented to mislead unsuspecting public.

For instance, Dr. Bawumia’s claim that head porters- commonly known as “Kayayies” are being taxed under the John Mahama-led NDC administration is a deliberate attempt to mislead the public because taxes on Kayayies were actually introduced by Dr. Bawumia’s NPP around 2007.

City authorities collect market tolls, which is a form of taxation from them. But this practice did not start in the John Mahama’s NDC government. A study by some researchers:Kwankye, Anarfi, Tagoe& Castaldo in 2007 showed that at least as far back as in 2007, when the NPP was in power, the kayayei’s were made to pay market tolls.

According to the researchers;”At market and transport stations, kayayei are supposed to pay a daily toll to the local authorities, which then allows them to operate for the day within that jurisdiction. However, some kayayei do try and evade paying this daily toll, often running away at the sight of authorities. Others are openly confrontational and refuse to pay the toll, leading to physical abuse by authorities.”

“So while the claim is true, presenting the issue as if it started in and was exclusive to the John Mahama administration is misleading,” Joy Fm’s fact-check said.

Dr. Bawumia also claimed that in its recent review of the Ghanaian economy, the IMF warned that Ghana was on the edge of financial and economic crisis

However, in the recent IMF 3rd Review of Ghana’s economic programme, the closest remark which supports Dr. Bawumia’s claim to an extent could be found where “risks to the program” were outlined. The full paragraph is as follows:

“Successful implementation of the program requires continued strong policies and reform implementation in the coming months—particularly through the upcoming election period, when financing conditions might get tighter still. In the context of the now much higher public debt level, a replay of the past spending splurges in election years would greatly heighten the risk of a full-blown economic and financial crisis and undermine Ghana’s development progress…It will be very important for the government to sustain fiscal transparency and be ready to tighten policies aggressively as the situation warrants.”

According to the Fact-check team, “Though there appears to be some basis for Bawumia’s claim, IMF’s “warning” is more complicated than Bawumia let’s on and is premised on several scenarios that may or may not happen.”

The propensity to twist economic analysis into a very negative picture than it really is has become an unfortunate hallmark of Dr. Bawumia, a renowned and a former Deputy Governor of the Bank of Ghana.

Critics have accused him of constantly embellishing facts to particularly dwarf achievements of the ruling NDC administration.

He has often received public flak for virtually turning academic and economic presentations into a political platform where he always presents a saintly picture of the erstwhile NPP administration in comparison to the current National Democratic Congress (NDC) administration.

Dr. Bawumia has always raised eyebrows whenever he presents figures to argue a case; he was the mastermind behind the NPP’s ‘Pink Sheet’ analysis in the Supreme Court in 2012 that led to the botched election petition seeking to overturn the mandate won by the NDC.



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