NPP activites ‘all-die-be-die’ -As Suhum falls for Ndc

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Police and other security agencies have been placed on high alert in the Suhum constituency following brewing tension between the NDC and NPP. The incumbent MP, Fred Opare Ansah has been accused of adopting desperate measures including intimidation to scare those who openly show support for his main opponent, Margaret Ansei of the NDC who is also the Municipal Chief Executive of the area.

The NPP aspirant who has held the seat since 2008 is fast losing popularity following what residents say is his abysmal failure to lobby government for development projects.

Mr Opare Ansah, according to complaints has hired thugs and other agents who move from community to community inciting NPP supporters to foment trouble.


NDC Parliamentary Candidate For Suhum Constituency, Margaret Ansei

Unlike incumbent MP, the NDC candidate, Margaret Ansei, popularly known as MAGOO has reportedly worked herself into known NPP strongholds and is winning people especially the youth, to her side.

The Suhum MCE who started eyeing the seat since 2012 has reportedly earned the admiration of the people for her role in some massive projects in the roads, education and health sectors as well as improvement in water supply which had been a major headache for most communities and businesses in the area.

The NDC Parliamentary aspirants has further been boosted by support of the Chief of Staff, Julius Debrah who twice contested the seat and lost narrowly to the NPP candidate in 2012..

This newspaper has gathered, the NDC’s underground work facilitated by the goodwill MrDebrah has in the community is paying, something that has become a major threat to MrOpareAnsah who is finding it difficult to match them on the ground.

In 2012, Frederick Opare-Ansah beat NDC’s Julius Debrah with only 438 votes. The NPP polled 24,096 representing 49.28percent while the NDC secured 23,658 or 48.49% of votes cast. Other candidates polled about (2) percent of the remaining votes.

The NDC’s performance was an improvement compared to the previous years. In the 2008 elections, NPP’s Frederick OpareAnsah again won 17,248 representing 44.96% of the votes cast. He beat the NDC which secured 15,824 or 41.25% of the votes.

In 2004 the picture was the same with NPP winning over 55 percent of the votes.

From the above statistics, the NDC has gradually improved on its performance since 2004 when the NPP candidate stretched then candidate Julius Debrah with over

Statistics indicate a close margin in two major elections, 2008 and 2012 when current Chief of Staff, Julius Debrah contested the elections. The NPP stretched him with 4,595 votes. Though the NPP won in 2008, the vote margin was 1,424 and this further dropped to 438.

The trend poses a major threat to the NPP candidate and the machinations on the ground which is being strongly resisted by the NDC is fuelling the tension.

A couple of days ago, there was widespread rumour in Suhum and surrounding communities that the Chief of Staff had decided to sidestep the NDC candidate and contest in the race. NPP supporters were reportedly moving from village to village spreading the false information to create disaffection for the MCE. But that was quickly debunked.

Last Tuesday’s clash reportedly provoked by a group of NPP supporters, bussed to the community to humiliate the MCE has put the Police which has been monitoring the development on high alert.

Some aggrieved residents reportedly traced the NPP female activists calling themselves ROYAL LADIES to the Chiefs palace where the violence occurred. But for gun shots and swift Police intervention, the situation could have degenerated into a blood bath.

The MCE of the area, who incidentally is head of the District Security Council, conscious of the volatile situation and the likelihood of NPP accusing her of abusing her office has issued a statement cautioning the Police and other security agencies to keep close eye on every political activity to ensure there is peace in the area.

The statement condemned the false claims, propaganda and character assassination by the NPP which has failed to use the MPs office improve the lives of the people over the last 12 years.

According to Margaret Ansei, the MP’s new strategy is to organize bus young men in NDC branded T-Shirts and cars into the constituency to foment trouble and turn round to accuse the governing party of masterminding it.

The NDC candidate, MOGOO described as unfortunate the “ALL DIE BE DIE” approach adopted which has the potential of marring campaign in the area.

She said the NDC is firm on the ground, keeping its eye on the ball and will henceforth be on the lookout for those hired and get them arrested.

“For us, the election is about who is more competent and can deliver, whose achievements speak better, who has better plans for Suhum and who believes in the progress of the constituency. It is not a competition of who has the dirtiest mind, who can use violence best and who can exploit the energy of the youth and detriment their future”… the statement added.

Madam Margaret Ansei also called on National Security to show interest in the development and as she put it, “stop the power drunk MP and the NPP sink the image of the constituency with violence and attacks here and there just to win power”.

The NDC aspirant also advised members to excise high level of tolerance to avoid being led into actions that breach the laws of the state.

“We call on all to say NO TO VIOLENCE, DIRTY POLITICS, PROPAGANDA and FAILED PROMISES, and say YES TO PRODUCTIVE, PEOPLE CENTERED, RESPONSIBLE AND PEACEFUL LEADERSHIP by voting for MAGOO as MP for Suhum Constituency” ….the statement concluded.




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