Ten years on Justice D. F. Annan remembered

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Ten years have passed since he departed from this life; yet fresh and fond memories of the good life he lived and the joy he spread all around him linger on;

Ten years on, the hearts of so many people still yearn for him;

Ten years on, the power of his legacy of love, service to humanity, genuine fellow feeling and extreme devotion to duty continues to drive the many he left behind, firmly on;

Though the bitterness of grief has softened, a duller pain abides; for the place where he, the Rt. Hon. Justice Daniel Francis Kweipe Annan, once stood, remains empty.

Ten years ago, a colossus of Ghana’s national life went to be with his ancestors. Although it is an inevitable occurrence in the cycle of every man, the news of the passing of the Rt, Hon. Justice D. F. Annan [as he was usually called] was greeted with heartfelt sadness by Ghanaians of all walks of life. His geniality and approachability made him well liked by people from across the entire spectrum of society and his loss was deeply felt by millions of Ghanaians as well as within the expatriate community in Ghana.

In commemoration of the tenth anniversary [how time flies!] of his passing, a combined force of the three arms of Government [The Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary], all of whom he served diligently, come together to honour his memory and celebrate his undying legacy:

A 10th Anniversary Commemoration Ceremony is being held at the State House today, the 14th of October, 2016, in this regard.  The Ceremony is expected to be graced by His Excellency John Dramani Mahama, President of the Republic of Ghana, former Presidents Jerry John Rawlings and John Agyekum Kufuor, Government officials, Members of the Judiciary, Members of Parliament, the Diplomatic Corps and representatives of Government agencies and International organizations. Also in attendance will be current and former Members of Parliament.

On an occasion such as this, it is only natural that Ghanaians remind themselves of the immense contribution made by the Rt. Hon. Justice D. F. Annan to the development of the nation.

Awarded the Star of Ghana for his selfless service to the nation, Justice D. F. Annan can truly be regarded as a GIANT OF GHANA’S NATIONHOOD. A look at the various roles he played in his public life provide ample evidence to support are this assertion:

Speaker of the First Parliament of the Fourth Republic [appointed 1993]

Chairman of the National Commission for Democracy [NCD]

Chairman of the National Economic Commission

Chairman of the Police Council

Member of the Provisional National Defense Council [PNDC]

Member of the Council of Elders of the National Democratic Congress [NDC]

Chairman of the Governing Council of the Institute of Democratic Governance [IDEG]

Member of the Advisory Board of the Institute of Economic Affairs [IEA]

Appeals Court Judge

Circuit Court Judge

Senior State Attorney

Assistant State Attorney

In all the afore-mentioned roles, the Rt. Hon. Justice D. F. Annan acquitted himself credibly and consistently earned the respect of all with whom he interacted.

Justice D. F. Annan was a deeply religious man and a Christian who worshipped faithfully as a Methodist at the Wesley Cathedral [Asafoatse Nettey Road] in Accra, where he was a member of the Men’s Fellowship.

He was also a Sports Enthusiast who loved Boxing, Football and Track and Field Athletics. Indeed, he first met President J. J. Rawlings through the sport of Boxing, when he [Justice D. F. Annan] promoted Ghana’s first world championship fight in Accra between Floyd Robertson and Sugar Ramos [of Cuba].

A devoted family man, Justice D. F. Annan inculcated strong positive values in his children and also throughout his wider family. He is survived by all his six children, his sister Regina, and many grandchildren, nieces, nephews, grand, great grand and great great grand nieces and nephews.

Indeed, ten years on, the legacy of the Rt. Hon. Justice Daniel Francis Kweipe Annan lives on. Ghana is much the richer for the remarkable and awe-inspiring life and contribution of this illustrious son of the land. His memory will forever be honoured.



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