The Citizen’s Mail Editorial: Nduom Must Grow Up

by | Oct 17, 2016 | Articles, Features | 0 comments

The Electoral Commission (EC) headed by Madam Charlotte Osei must be shielded from baseless attacks and  political opportunists by all well-meaning Ghanaians and lovers of democracy.

In the heat of the disqualification of over ten presidential aspirants from contesting this year’s elections come December 7,the EC has suffered all forms of attacks from the said disqualified aspirants and their supporters.

One of such sour disgruntled characters is Dr Paa Kwesi Nduom,the presidential aspirant of the Progressive People’s Party(PPP). It must be put on record that the PPP took the EC to court over the cost of this year’s  filing fees for the presidential aspirants praying the court to stop it because it was exorbitant.

But for some unknown reasons,the PPP presented a cheque for the required amount  from the EC when it was submitting its nomination forms. How can one be complaining about an anomaly or injustice committed by the EC and seeking the court’s intervention but same is seen perpetuating  the injustice or anomaly he cries about?

Dr Nduom has decided to take the EC to court again for the court to  stop the balloting process for the four qualified presidential candidates until issues concerning his disqualification are settled for him to be admitted into the presidential race.

The PPP leader is praying the court to ask the EC to allow him to correct the mistakes on his  nomination form so that he can be qualified. The Citizen’s Mail finds Nduom’s conduct very unfortunate in the light of these developments even though the paper sympathises with him on his disqualification.

If he is asking the EC to give him another chance to correct the basic mistakes  he made on his nomination form,what about the rest of the other over ten disqualified aspirants? They equally deserve to be brought back. The Akua Donkors, Ayarigahs,Henry Larteys et al must be brought back and this will make a huge mockery of the EC’s commitment to cleaning our electoral register and process off chaffs and mediocrity.

Nduom and his PPP got it all wrong this time round. He must direct his focus on his party structures. Any political party that does not have a solid structure and quality human resource is bound to suffer the fate of Nduom and his colleague disappointed disqualified presidential aspirants.

It is the belief of The Citizen’s Mail that  any political party that cannot follow simple instructions from the EC and fill basic forms and documents does not deserve to be allowed to participate in our electoral process. And  Nduom’s PPP is one of those parties.

Nduom definitely needs some growing up to do.



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