GREDA challenges telcos to assist estate developers with tech solutions

by | Oct 19, 2016 | Business, Technology | 0 comments

The Executive Secretary of the Ghana Real Estate Developers Association (GREDA) Sammy Amegayibor has challenged Ghana’s leading network provider MTN and other telecommunications companies operating in the country to come out with real time technology solutions to assist real estate developers. According to him GREDA and its members are faced with some challenges that technology is the only solutions to it.

Speaking to the Republic at the sidelines of the MTN Hospitality and Housing Fair held in Accra, Mr. Amegayibor mention one of the major issues confronting estate developers as managing condominium apartments,  a building or complex of buildings containing a number of individually owned apartments or houses.

“One of the major challenges we are having now is that, now gradually we are warming ourselves into condominium development.

“You know the complexity with difficult tenants who sometimes refuse to pay for bills resulting in discomforting other tenants within the apartment. This a real challenge that I believe that ICT can solve, because if you have a system that automatically switches some ones apartment off if he doesn’t pay water or electricity bills he become more responsible. This is not rocket science its very practical”

The Executive Secretary indicated some few success have been chalked in the real estate industry in Ghana with help of technology and trust that network operators will brace themselves up to provide lasting solutions to the current problems facing  developers.

He said since Information Technology is the heart of many enterprise and maximum value is place on its investment, it is vital for communication companies to find ways of addressing the Business, Entrepreneurs and ICT Service needs of real estate developers.

The MTN Business Hospitality and Housing Fair comes after the successful organization of the SME fairs organized in Kumasi and Takoradi earlier in the year. MTN Business has developed ICT solutions aimed at improving the operational efficiencies and customer experience of businesses to enable them become competitive in both the local and global market. One of the latest additions to the bouquet of services offered is the MTN Fibre Broadband Services designed to provide fixed internet connectivity to homes, offices, corporate organizations and SMEs.  The SME Housing & Hospitality fair is being organized with support from GREDA and the Hoteliers Association, along with other finance and insurance companies. Partners for the fair include Fidelity Bank, Ghana Home Loans, GLICO, Electroland, Bosch, Inesfly, Frankies and Kakie Ltd.


By: Nana Appiah Acquaye



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