Mahama slams doomsayers

by | Oct 24, 2016 | Local News, Politics | 0 comments

President John Dramani Mahama this week used his social media platform to diffuse the deliberate attempts by his government’s critics to rubbish the immense socio-economic achievements of his administration, saying his vision of transforming Ghana in on course.

“During the last four years, we built the foundation for this. Here are some results. In 2012, services represented 47% of our GDP; in 2015, they represented almost 50%, consolidating our transition to a modern, service-centered economy driven largely by technology and a vibrant youth,” the President stated on his Facebook account.

In the heat of the political season this year and the aggressive President campaigns, the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) and its other surrogates have created an impression of total economic collapse and are using that argument to convince voters to oust the National Democratic Congress (NDC) administration headed by President Mahama.

The President cited a few instances to show that the economy has not collapsed as is being propagated. “In 2012, exports represented 40% of the GDP; in 2015 they represented 44%, proving that Ghanaian goods consolidated their position on the international market,” he said.

The Index of Economic Freedom supports the President’s positive outlook, indicating that Ghana’s rating had improved from 84th in the world in 2012 to 72nd currently.

In business, domestic credit to private sector grew from 15% of Ghana’s GDP in 2012 to 20% in 2015, this shows a vibrant business environment which has impacted on international travel to and from Ghana.

Flight through puts in Ghana moved upwards from less than 15,000 registered carrier departures worldwide in 2012, to over 20,000 in 2015.

“All these results mean more jobs and more employment opportunities. Unemployment went down from 3.6% in 2012 to 2.4% in 2014 (the last year with available data from the World Bank). At the same time, employment to population ratio grew from 66.6% in 2012 to 67.8% in 2014,” he said.

“All these data provided by prestigious international organizations depict the true picture of our modernizing and transformative achievements during the last four years. The transformation was not necessarily easy.

It was not by chance and some paid a higher cost than others during this period. However, nobody can deny that as a nation we are better off today than we were four years ago – and much better off than we were a decade ago.” The President noted.

“Based on this economic and social transformation, we built the foundation for true and solid growth. Now, we are ready to harvest the benefits particularly as our economy is projected to grow above 8% next year.”

The NPP has often labeled the NDC administration as grossly corrupt hence the economic hardship in the country; however, the facts show that Ghana’s corruption index has significantly improved from the 2012 situation.

Transparency International rated Ghana 64th least corrupt country in the world in 2012 but has been ranked 56th least corrupt as at the 2015 data.

“When it comes to fighting corruption, in 2012 we were the 64th least corrupt country in the world. In 2015, we were 56th i.e. 7th in Africa and our worst record over the years remains superior to the best record during the tenure of the NPP,” President Mahama slammed the opposition NPP.



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