The Gazette Editorial: Police Must Prevent Selling of Weapons on our Streets

by | Oct 26, 2016 | Articles, Features | 0 comments

Hawking has become a thriving business in Accra and other cities across Ghana. City authorities have tried to clamp down on the operations of hawkers but all to no avail.

One very disturbing phenomenon in recent times on hawking is the selling of wares that can be used as weapons by criminals to foment trouble.

Hawkers now freely sell daggers and   other forms of knives and items that can be used to cause harm to anyone.

The Gazette is calling on the police service to check this frightening situation before it gets out of hand. Particularly in this election year where people resort to violence at no or the least provocation, the selling of such items on our streets poses a great risk to motorists and commuters and the nation at large.

City authorities’ taskforces must coordinate with the police to address this development now. They must also be on the lookout for any other items sold by these hawkers which can be considered as contraband or a weapon.

The Gazette is appealing to the authorities in charge to treat this issue with a great sense of urgency.



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