The Republic Editorial: NPP Must Leave Dele Momodu Alone

by | Oct 26, 2016 | Articles, Features | 0 comments

One salient element of any fledgling or advanced democracy is the spirit of tolerance for divergent views from political opponents or perceived opponents. Divergent views on discourses should not degenerate into insults and physical attacks.

Dele Momodu, a celebrated Nigerian journalist, a writer and owner of Ovation Magazine has not hidden his praise for President John Mahama. He has continually commended the president for his massive achievements in the health, energy, education, road networks amongst others.

This, Momodu contended is in sharp contrast back in his home country Nigeria where Mahmoud Buhari seems to be doing very little from the Aso Rock. The latest product of his admiration for the president is a special publication of the Ovation Magazine cataloguing  Mahama’s achievements.

But the intolerable spirit of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) led by Intolerance-in-Chief Akufo-Addo which has led to the indiscriminate sacking, maiming and killing of party faithful who have divergent views on party issues, would not allow the celebrated journalist to rest.

From their party’s communicators on the media and social media, every little opportunity they have is spared on denigrating and insulting Momodu for his democratic right of expression on praising the Mahama-led administration for its sterling achievements.

The Republic finds this posture of the NPP as most unfortunate and a dent on the face of our growing democracy. What this paper also finds most shocking is the double standards and hypocrisies of those taking Momodu to the cleaners in this unjustifiable manner.

The same people attacking him have on several occasions expressed their views on the candidatures of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as to who is better fit to occupy the White House as President Obama exit the scene.

Some have not just expressed their preferences for any of the candidates but have gone ahead to denigrate their persons and said many despicable things about Trump or Hillary. But these guys have no sense of shame as they leave no stone unturned in their shameless agenda of attacking Momodu for expressing his views on goings in Ghana.

NPP is a blot on our young democracy. They must learn to tolerate divergent views. But who do you blame when its flag bearer is the Intolerance-in-Chief?



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