UG 2016 November Graduation: How To Wear The Academic Gown

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Graduating students of every institution of higher learning are expected to wear academic regalia to congregation ceremony.

These gowns must be worn the right way. As University of Ghana prepares to graduate students who have successfully completed their studies last academic year, focuses on how the graduands can wear their gowns properly.

The regalia comprises a gown, a hood and a mortarboard (cap). As this is a formal occasion, all graduating students must wear a formal attire under the gown.

How to wear the regalia:

Step 1: Put on the gown, the loose outer garment, which is typically black (Crimson for doctoral graduands). The gown should be worn with the kente stole facings aligned below the collarbone and not overlapping. Wear it over a formal and decent outfit.

Step 2: Put on the hood. It should be worn with the hood part to the back and the tapering part (neckband) to the front of your gown, around the neck. You may secure the neckband in place with a safety-pin. Gentlemen should note that a tie goes over the face of the hood:

The hood has an inner lining of satin (yellow for Bachelors’ and white for Masters’)- this should not be fully exposed. The cowl of the hood hangs against the back in a fold which exposes just the edge of the hood lining.

right-way wrong-way
Right way to wear the hood.                Wrong way to wear the hood!

Step 3: Don your cap or mortarboard. It has two tapered edges. The cap should be worn with the smaller tapered side (furthest from the purple label)towards the front of your face (above your forehead). The tassel attached to the cap should be worn on the right side before the degree is conferred and afterwards shifted to the left the moment the degree awarded.

grad8 grad9

Gentlemen should note that cap must be removed on stepping up stage for a hand shakes.



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