Chief of Staff Assure Better Times Ahead For the Creative Industry

by | Nov 24, 2016 | Celebrity News, Greater Accra, Local News, Politics, Showbiz | 0 comments

The Chief of Staff Mr Julius Debrah  has assured the creative industry of better times ahead if President Mahama is given the nod on December 7th to continue with his transformation agenda.

Speaking at a rally held at the Art Centre to campaign for the second term bid of President Mahama, the Chief of Staff made a strong assertion that in the next term of President Mahama as President all the heavy capital expenditures on infrastructure will slow down. This would mean that critical finances would be channeled towards boosting businesses so as to assist entrepreneurs in the creative arts industry to improve their competitive edge and to encrease employment in the country.

To this end he encouraged Artisans at the Art Centre in Accra to keep faith with President Mahama and ensure that he is retained as President on December 7th.

He reminded the Artisans about the bad infrastructure that the Mahama government came to meet; and the progress made in transforming our national infrastructure, “if you remember our roads were bad, dchools were bad. Even electricity was a problem. We have now developed many of those sectors to appreciable levels. Do you think that we need to spend on this projects again? God willing of President Mahama wins at the polls such money will be spent on some of the issues you face. These are issues regarding your wish to expand your business and employ more people.

The Chief of Staff took the opportunity to encourage the Artisans all to get involved in this election peacefully and avoid any rancorous behaviour.

By: Kingsley Lakle



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