Photo Report: Massive Turnouts At NDC Final Greater Accra Rally

by | Dec 6, 2016 | Election 2016, Local News, Politics | 0 comments

The ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) has held its final Greater Accra campaign rally to crown the campaign activities for the party ahead of tomorrow’s [Wednesday, 7th December, 2016] polls.

Addressing a mammoth gathering of party supporters at the Accra Sports Stadium, President John Mahama said the country has been in safe hands over the last four years and he, as president has overseen a stable economy and significant economic growth of the country.


He noted that being a president over the last four years, he had ensured development in the country and has worked diligently to meet the aspirations of Ghanaians.

“Ghana has been in safe hands under my watch as President. And Ghana has continued to be the most peaceful and stable nation in the whole of Africa… “We have been through trying and challenging times over the last four years. Over the last four years, I have given off my best as President of this great public and also as the candidate in the lead up to Wednesday’s elections. The rest is in the people of Ghana and the will of the almighty God.”


He said the upcoming election was a choice between continuity of the gains made by the country over the last four years and stifled growth with the promise of charting a new course.

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“The choice we face in this election is simple. To stay the course and forge on with determination and consolidate all the gains we have made over the last four years or we give up and begin again of which we have no guarantees of success but just the oral assurances of a small group of people and it is a choice for Ghanaians to choose.”


“It should not be said that we cannot pursue a task to its logical end because we are lured by the unanchored promise of change. We will be a like a flattering flag that changes direction with every shift of the wind. We have undertaken structured reforms based on pragmatic advise. Everything we have achieved, we have achieved as together as Ghanaians.”


He eulogized former President John Rawlings and the late President Mills for supporting him with good advice.

He also called for peace among Ghanaians and urged his supporters  not to resort to violence before, during or after the elections.


President Mahama noted that he was confident has worked as the leader of the country over the last four years was impressive to urge Ghanaians to vote for him.



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