Big Brother Star, Nando Is Now A Drug Addict; Friends Cry For Help

by | Jan 3, 2017 | Celebrity News, Foreign News, Showbiz | 0 comments

Ex-Big Brother Africa contestant, Nando Amir Murtazar Khan has become addicted to drugs and his colleagues are calling for support and help for him.

Nando represented Tanzania in the 2013 edition of Big Brother Africa: The Chase. He survived in the competition for nine weeks until his violent confrontation with Ghana’s representative, Elikem Kumordzie that saw him evicted from the Big Brother House on Day 57. He threatened Elikem with a knife.


Nando confronts Elikem

Nando was one of the favourite housemates during the competition until his disqualification.


Nando in the Big Brother House

Trace TV presenter, Wayodi Lydia Joy, shared photos with a caption of the severely emaciated Nando Khan who was clad in an over-sized, partially buttoned shirt. “I really feel bad for this guy. I pray he gets help,” Joy wrote.


Fellow Big Brother Africa representative, Feza Manzi also took to social media to ask for prayers on his behalf.
“Let’s pray for our brothers and sisters who are caught up in drug addiction. Chidi ni rafiki yangu for many years Na Nando mdogo wangu, I will Not Post how they look like Now cos kwangu haijakaa sawa. #MadawaYaKulevya sio mchezo it’s time tuache kunong’ona Na tuwe wazi! Hashtags Na Repost won’t help jamaniiiii A plan is needed as a society to fight this devil.
Kwa wale ambao wanasema “wakafie mbali” mara “wameyataka wenyewe” let me tell you something;
Kuna watu wamezaliwa Na addictive personality, wanajaribu Mara moja na ndo mwanzo wa kujiuwa, wengine wanajaribu na wanaacha tu so muache kuhukumu watu kama vile nyie ni Mungu. There is nothing fair about addiction wao wenyewe wanakata tamaa.
We need to stop this drug business “Sisi” kama society, we need to teach about it and make our kids fear these drugs, and we also need to love the ones affected, pray for them because huijui Kesho it might come to your house.
Ni hayo tu for now.”

Nando has been absent from social media for close to 35 weeks. A campaign has been launched on twitter with the hashtag #SayNoToDrugs to support him.



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