Agbozume Sees The Launch Of CRITICAL LENSES

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It was a bright Monday morning, when many across the world awoke from a night whose day saw the celebration of the birth of the Messiah, Jesus the Christ. In fact, many were still in the celebratory mood. 26th December 2016 was the day.

Agbozume, a predominantly kente-weaving and farming town in the Ketu South Municipality of the Volta Region saw a mega book launch – the Launch of CRITICAL LENSES ….. essays on personal, national and global development.

Gathered at the Wells of Salvation Ministry Chapel at Agbozume – Akashito were reading enthusiasts and lots of many others filled with the excitement and euphoria of witnessing what went down in history as the first ever book launch to be organized in Agbozume.

With an MC known nationally for his punctuality, Elikplim Agbagedy started off the program at exactly 10:30 am as advertised on the program invites and publicity banner. We must all learn from this!

Gracing the event as Guest of Honour was the Paramount Chief of the Somé Traditional Area , Torgbui Adama III [ Makorsor of Somé] who was accompanied by the Area Chief of Agbozume, Torgbui Atiane IV. The Launch was under the distinguished chairmanship of Author Extraordinaire and President of Charles Nypson Foundation, Mr. Charles Nypson Agbagedy.

It is not every day that you have a global leadership expert attend your book launch as Guest Speaker. Mr. Bismark Tay of the John Maxwell Team blew the minds of the attendees with his insights on positive influence for impact wherever we find ourselves. A wonderful talk it was!

A two-hour program that featured three (3) book readings, giving attendees a sneak peek in to the book, CRITICAL LENSES, was breathtaking. Emefa, Celestine and Caleb did a yeoman’s job. Ayeekoo to them!

The highlight of the program was when students of the Agortorme Primary School in Agbozume took the stage to pour libation on READING. They quoted legends such as Confucius and many other greats, to drive home their point that reading makes a man. What a sight to behold and sounds to relish!

Song Ministrations by the Praises Team at Wells of Salvation Ministry lit up the place, whilst the trio of Celestine, Ruth and Forgive from Path of Life Ministries set the place agog with the IMELA song.

In his speech, the Author, Mr. Paul Edem Kuenyefu thanked the Lord for His goodness and mercies, and showed appreciation to the contributors and blurb writers of CRITICAL LENSES. Many others who have helped him in diverse ways have been acknowledged.

CRITICAL LENSES features 30 articles on important socio-economic and development issues, from the lenses of the author and six other contributors. Education, unemployment, climate change, attitudes, social trends, politics, etc. all feature prominently to get the reader informed , motivated , inspired and challenged to engineer positive change in society. It’s a wonderful read!

After Torgbui Adama III and Mr. Bismark Tay declared the book, CRITICAL LENSES, duly launched, the clergy, led by Host Pastor Gabriel Elikplim Ametorwo prayed to the Heavens for greater works through the books.

The auction of the books began in earnest, led by Pastor Noble Johnson Kukubor. Mr. Tommy Kuenyefu, Managing Director of Hotel Vilcabamba, Denu bought the first copy for 500.00 Ghana Cedis. Dr. Selassie Adzie purchased the second copy for 300.00 Ghana Cedis. The next copy was sold for 200.00 Ghana Cedis and the bill went down to the Shelf Price of the book, which is 15.00 Ghana Cedis.

The Launch was attended by the Clergy, Traditional Rulers, Friends of the Author and Many other well-wishers. Anthony Yao Dagadu gave the Vote of Thanks whilst Pastor Solace Azameti of Divine Path of Life Ministries said the closing prayer.

Refreshment, Book signing and Networking saw off a day that will be etched in the memories of people for many years to come.

The Launch was sponsored by #SpecialNorteSobolo, #KabuteyKenteDesigns, #RichmondPhotography, #WellsofSalvationMinistry and #PhotoFrenzyVideography.

Profile of Author

Paul Edem Kuenyefu is a determined young person who believes in approaching goals with dogged determination and stubborn perseverance; an unconventional person, knowing that trails are blazed by people who have the courage to venture into the unexplored; and he is an open-minded person who approaches issues free of biases and prejudices.

Mr Paul Edem Kuenyefu
Mr Paul Edem Kuenyefu

A graduate of the University of Ghana Business School where he studied for a major in Accounting, Edem currently is a full time itinerant inspirational speaker, writer and business consultant with many business interests, some of which are in agriculture and information technology. He had corporate employment experience with the global leader in the food industry, Nestlé, before switching to entrepreneurship. He is the contributor to’s weekly feature dubbed: ‘Wellsprings of Inspiration’ every Tuesday.

Edem believes he has been born for only one reason, “to inspire genius and awaken giants in people across the nations of the world through the preaching and living of the gospel of Christ and spreading of the word of inspiration”. This is the purpose that keeps him awake at night. Mr. Kuenyefu leads a group of forward-looking comrades and together, they do motivational outreaches in primary and basic schools in the Ketu South Municipality of the Volta Region of Ghana. As a group, they believe, as did Frederick Douglass, that it is easier to build children than to fix broken men. He serves as CEO to this wonderful group called ULTIMATE RENAISSANCE.

Jeevesware Limited is his foremost company, which he co-founded with longtime partner, Thomas Jeffrey Gadasu. This firm is into customized software solutions.

His inspirational messages focus on possibility thinking, action-oriented living, preparation, good character formation, etc. Speaking engagements have taken him to several cities, towns and villages in Ghana and on few occasions outside Ghana. He has authored two books, TO THE ZENITH (which outlines timeless success principles) and CRITICAL LENSES (which is a collection of essays on personal, national and global development), which are all on amazon.

He is a passionate voice for climate-change roll back.

Edem hails from Agbozume, in the Ketu South Municipality of the Volta Region of Ghana, where he was born close to 29 years ago. He still stays there permanently.

Sales Outlets for CRITICAL LENSES

ACCRA – Akua Mawuena Goh ( 0200008503) & University of Ghana Bookshop
HO – Courage C. Tetteh ( 0242601203)
DZODZE – Seyram Adzie ( 0247611385)
AGBOZUME – MUFU Store @ Gborshime ; MILE INTO SMILES & Author’s House
AFLAO – Kelvin, Victory FM
DENU – Papa Godsway, A credit vendor opp. Old ADB
CAPE COAST – Dorcas Quarshie @ UCC ( 0244688576)
KUMASI – Praise Emefa Adzie @ KNUST ( 024067449)
WINNEBA – Precious @ UEW ( 0246267216)

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