You Have No Business Being Poor- Rev. Albert Ocran To Ghanaian Youth

by | Feb 20, 2017 | Local News | 0 comments

Cofounder of Legacy and Legacy, and Executive Business Coach, Rev. Albert Ocran has challenged young leaders to generate legitimate and genuine income from at least four sources or streams of work/jobs.

According to him, they have no business being poor because they have so much ability; so much talents; so much grace to excel in whichever business they want to venture into in the next ten years.

“You have no business being poor,” Rev Ocran told a gathering of young men and women at this year’s Springboard National Convocation held at the National Theatre on Saturday, 18th February, 2017.

Sharing ten (10) possible streams of generating income with the participants, Rev Ocran said Africa is a poor continent with a big population that has needs so there is so much money to make here.

He added that “anyone who finds a solution to a problem in Africa will be rich” and challenged the participants to let their anger and restlessness lead them to think in order to design products and services to solve Africa’s problems.

Find below the ten (10) possible streams of generating legitimate and genuine income as delivered by Rev Albert Ocran.

1. A monthly investment and pension plan. He encouraged them to put money aside, even if it is GH10 a month for a better future.
2. Commercialize a talent (gardening, events, editing, decor, design, painting, etc.) He asked:’what do you do if your hobby is a multi-million earning industry?’
3. Publish your works. (Books, musics, art, media articles, films, biography)
4. Commercialize your personal brand or image. (Endorsements and partnerships) This is leveraging on your name to make money.
5. Real Estate investment. (Build or acquire land property in the next 10 years)
6. Retail or Network Marketing. (Identify something with demand and import or distribute it)
7. Explore technology, mobile telephony and social media based solutions
8. Franchising (local rights to promote an established product, service or event)
9. Consulting (sell your wisdom or experiences through training, speaking tours, coaching, education, etc.)
10. Strategic leveraging (multitask and integrate single product into multiple concepts.



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