Headmistress Of Achimota Basic School Calls For Inclusion Of Career Day In Curriculum

by | Feb 24, 2017 | Education, Local News | 0 comments

The Headmistress of Achimota Basic school, Mrs. Edith Kyeremanteng has called on the Ghana Education Service and educational planners and policy-makers including heads of schools to possibly feature Career Days in the curriculum and academic calendar of schools to be observed formally.

This, she said would help the children do an introspection and expose them to the host of professions and career opportunities available to them and receive coaching on which options to pursue that ties in with their strengths and natural bent.

She said as an educationist she could perceive there is a seeming disconnect between what is happening or being churned out in the classroom and the delivery on the job market in the final analysis, which justifies the program.

Speaking in an address on separate occasions to the finalists and second and first years on “Careers’ Day” which is observed by the school yearly, she said it is the intention of the school to bridge the gap between education and the future careers of the pupils in order to equip them with the right perspectives to make sound career choices that has a reflection of what they study at school.

Mrs. Kyeremanteng said the day which is being observed for the third time, is observed by pupils from Kindergarten to the Junior High School level upon which pupils are made to write essays on their chosen careers.

The main objective of education, she said is to equip children with skills, knowledge and values to be able to pursue the right careers, adding that the day is organized to expose them to the various career opportunities available to them to make well-informed career decisions.

“We also let them understand that it is not only academic work that matters but equally important is the technical aspect too, to give assurance to those academically weak but who could be talented in other areas”, she said.

She advised the pupils to put a finger on a career and make sure they follow it with passion, discipline and hard work examining their individual merits and abilities.

Mrs. Kyeremanteng admonished the pupils not to look down on any profession but be informed of the fact that there are artisans who are earning far more than those working white collar jobs.

Speaking on career guidance, Selina Darko, a guidance and counseling coordinator advised the pupils to listen to themselves constantly and know what they want to be in future by focusing on their strengths and passion whilst urging parents to desist from the practice of choosing careers for their children adding that they should rather guide and inspire them.

She advised the pupils to improve their learning skills such as reading and note-taking whilst improving on their weak subjects adding that we are all not the same so we must know our individual strengths and natural inclinations to pursue them.

For his part, the ICT and BECE coordinator, Joseph Adu speaking on “school selection and placement” advised the pupils to take their class exercises, home-works and internal exams seriously as it is what translates into scoring strong ones.

He urged them not to be over-excited about the obsession for scoring many ones on their result sheet but they should rather work hard to ensure that their ones are strong enough which is determined by their raw score.

He said as a result of ignorance, most students have the notion that once they score a good number of ones on their score sheet they are through and need to get their first choices of school which was not the case.

The primary supervisor, Mr,Samuel Owusu Nyantakyi speaking on “achieving academic excellence” urged the pupils to sacrifice the comfort of today and strive to come out with flying colours after which they have all the leisure in the world to indulge themselves.

He, however, said if they wasted so much time doing the unnecessary then they would pay with their sleep in the near future adding that that would be a more costly price to pay.

The chairperson of the event, Madam Claudia Ashai, in her closing remarks, advised the pupils to break any possible myth or stronghold on them that indicates they cannot make it because nobody in their family has crossed a certain barrier adding with God they can achieve their ambition.

Source: GBC



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