Technical Universities Must Collaborate With Artisans- Supreme Court Judge, Justice Dotse

by | Mar 27, 2017 | Education | 0 comments

Justice of the Supreme Court, His Lordship Justice Jones Victor Mawulom Dotse, has charged technical universities to support the work of artisans by creating the necessary linkages with artisans to ensure knowledge transfer and contribute meaningfully to national development.

He said the universities must link up with the industrialists, practical craftsmen and artisans, and provide them with theoretical support in their fabrication and manufacture of small scale industrial machines.

According to Justice Dotse, this is the surest way to make theory and practice complement each other.

“My charge to the Ho Technical University is that, in order to maintain the legacies of Vodzi and Afeti, the university must create the necessary linkages and interface with those who are practice in the various vocations and trades,” he said.

Justice Dotse was delivering the maiden Afeti -Vodzi Lectures at Ho Technical University (HTU).

The lecture was instituted to celebrate the works of Dr. George Mawusi Afeti and the late Mr. James Yaovi Vodzi and the roles they played to transition Ho Polytechnic, now Ho Technical University, into a tertiary institution.

Dr Afeti took over from Mr Vodzi as principal of the then Ho Polytechnic.

Assessing the leadership roles of both honorees, Justice Dotse remarked “Vodzi, like John the Baptist, prepared the way for Dr. Afeti. I can say that, both Vodzi and Afeti were persons who exhibited a high degree of confidence and integrity in their work. Dr. Afeti on the other hand, came to explore the dreams he had about technical education and decidedly raised it to greater heights,” said Justice Dotse.



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