Women Urged To Focus On Equity Rather Than Equality

by | Mar 28, 2017 | Education, Local News | 0 comments

The Secretary General of the All Africa Students’ Union (AASU), Mr Peter Kodjie, has said that the focus of liberation for women should be equity and not equality.

He argued that if a person had been disadvantaged or cheated for a long time, he/she does not need equality but a fair playing ground to compete.

God in his own wisdom created men and women biologically differently to complement each other and without one being inferior to the other “therefore our focus should be on equity and not equality”.

Mr Kodjie, was speaking at a Career Women and Leadership Summit organized by the Women’s Commission of the Graduate Students’ Association of Ghana (GRASAG)- University of Professional Studies Accra (UPSA) in collaboration with Youth Without Borders, a non-governmental organization that focuses on harnessing the potential of young people for sustainable growth and development.

Addressing participants at the summit, the Women’s Commissioner, Miss Gifty Ofosua stated that, the world still faces persistent gap in access to opportunities and decision-making power for women and men despite substantial efforts and measures towards gender parity.

She said, the leadership summit themed ‘Everyday Governance; The Career Woman’s Perspective,’ was to provide the platform to delve much deeper on some of the contemporary issues regarding gender parity. Also, to empower women by increasing their sense of self-worth and ability to effect change.

The chairman of the program, Mr Monipaak Ibrahim remarked that solutions to issues pertaining to discrimination against women should not be targeted solely at women but also at structures and systems in our society that perpetuate unjust distribution of resources and power.

Speaking on the topic ‘The feminine side of corporate life,’ Clients Services Director at Focus One Group, Miss Yaa Poakwaa Sarpomaa called on women to take delight in acquiring more valuable skills to make them competitive at their workplaces.

She said, the corporate world is not for every other woman. She argued that, although there is space for women in the corporate world, opportunities in there will not come to you [the woman] just because you are a female. She added that women who have succeeded in their various fields, have chalked those successes out of hard work and diligence, not because they were women.

She noted that, despite the modest success chalked by women, those within the corporate world till have to double their efforts if the fight for gender equity is to be achieved.

The Executive Director of Damsel Foundation, Miss Beatrice Annangfio also urged women to liberate themselves mentally by breaking out of the old socially-constructed roles and responsibilities that societies consider appropriate for them.

Addressing participants on the topic ‘Women in Governance, the way forward,’ Miss Annangfio advised women to develop thicker skin and gently hurl negative criticisms in the trash, and keep their focus.

On her part, Lawyer Nana Abena Asoh Owusu provided some legal education on spousal rights as far as women are concerned. She said in every marriage, both the man and the woman have an equal stake in the union. She added that couples should see themselves as equals in order to foster good and lasting relationships. She spoke on the topic ‘Current trends in spousal rights; a must know for today’s woman’.

The President of GRASAG National, Mr Rashid Etuaful, who graced the occasion admonished women to fight for what is due them.

Other student leaders present were President of GRASAG-UPSA, Mr Robert Ofusu Appea, Executives of GRASAG National, Presidents and Executives of other institutions, and staff of Youth Without  Borders.



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