UPSA To Offer Free Tuition For Professional Programmes

by | Apr 19, 2017 | Education | 0 comments

Students at the University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA) will from next academic year be offered free tuition to pursue any professional programme of their choice. Dr. Raymond Dziwornu, Dean of the Faculty Finance and Banking at UPSA stated in his opening remarks at a Business Summit on the second day of the Professional Week celebrations of the Faculty.

He said, “this would make UPSA graduates have an edge on the job market over their colleagues from other universities.

He therefore made a call to the professional bodies present at the Summit to be prepared to draft the curricula for these professional courses when they are approached by the University. The Summit featured captain of industry who spoke on various topics related to the theme of the celebrations, Building the Entrepreneurial Skills of the Accounting and Finance Professional in the 21st Century.

Speaking on the topic, Revolutions in the 21st Century, Dr. Michael Agyekum Addo, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of KAMA Group charged students to take advantage of the opportunities in what he called the current “Entrepreneurial Revolution.”

He listed businesses areas such as Fashion Designing, Ceramics, Transport Services and Waste Management, which were areas that could be explored for business ventures. Other sectors included tourism, energy, information communication and technology (ICT), sea food processing, cotton and shea butter production.

Dr. Addo reiterated that the global unrest, economic crisis, national disasters amongst others which we face today could be solved using entrepreneurial skills and that people needed to identify business opportunities amid the challenges.

Also speaking at the programme was Mrs. Comfort Ocran, CEO of Legacy and Legacy and co-founder of Combert Impressions spoke on the topic, ‘Essence of Repositioning for Career Success’.

Mrs. Ocran cited the challenges of graduate unemployment, explaining the importance of personal branding, as well as writing a good CV.

“Your CV should have a unique selling proposition so you can sell yourselves to your potential employers,” she noted.

She further mentioned interviewing and communication skills, talent development, the ability to create multiple streams of income, competence, confidence building as critical skills that students must endeavour to cultivate if they are to succeed on the job market.

Mrs. Ocran concluded by stressing on the need for value addition.

“We all must have an unending obsession for value creation and addition. Think about what you do and how you can make it more artistic.” she said.


Source: UPSA



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