UG SRC Presidential Election Heads Into A Runoff

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Daniel Otting Awuah and his vice presidential candidate, Moses Acheampong won the most votes to come first in the University of Ghana (UG) Students’ Representative Council (SRC) presidential elections on Thursday, 20th April, 2017, but failed to clear the 50 percent + one vote they needed to win the position outright.

As a result, Daniel Otting and Moses Acheampong will face second-place finishers, Sylvester Amoako and his vice presidential candidate, Kezia Deguenon in a runoff election which will decide who succeeds Esinam Afi Seade, the current SRC president.


Sylvester Amoako and his vice presidential candidate, Kezia Deguenon

Daniel Otting Awuah and Moses Acheampong won the race with a total of 1963 vote representing 47.5 percent, much higher than the second place winners they will face in the runoff election, Sylvester Amoako and Kezia Deguenon who won 1725 votes representing 41.74 percent of the votes.

The rest of the vote was split between several other candidates in the race. Schandorf Ayirebi-Acquah and vice presidential candidate Asante Okyere Clinton, and the visual impaired candidate, Gerald A. Daakyehene and vice Mubarak Adams earned 194 votes representing 4.69 percent and 129 votes representing 3.12 percent, thus placing third and fourth positions respectively.

Results declared by EC

Pascal Agbesi Hayford and Billton N. Lartey placed fifth by earning 122 votes which represents 2.93 percent of the votes.

In other portfolios, Ethel Donkor and Maame Serwaa Akrofi have all won their positions convincingly beating their competitors in the race with 53.1% and 54.15% respectively.

Ethel Donkor obtained 2,075 votes to beat Effah Emmanuel who recorded 1,863 votes. On the other hand, Janet Maame Serwaa Arkoful garner 2188 votes as against Fafa Esi Mensah’s 1853 votes.

According to the electoral commissioner, the new date for the runoff election between the top two candidates will be communicated later.



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