Mob Justice Worrying

by | Jun 5, 2017 | Articles, Features | 0 comments

I am worried about the mob action that took the life of Captain Adam Mahama and the numerous incessant mob actions across the country. I mean this could happen to any of us, if you’ve ever wondered! Mob action is completely barbaric and unjustifiable and must be a concern for all peace loving people.

I am worried that the first point of contact in a suspected criminal case was not to the Police but the Assembly man.

Now, this must stop and any efforts towards achieving this aim must not be spared before this menace gets out hand. Well-meaning and peace loving citizens and the media must join forces with the security agencies-the seriousness of the problem calls for concerted efforts to help change the mentality of Ghanaians.

In a country that operates under the rule of law and justice the citizenry must be educated to follow the dictates of the law. The Police as a law enforcement agency must do more; by this I am not trying to vilify the law enforcement institution but they must make themselves visible enough to the public and I believe these suggestions might work to enhance community engagement with the Police.

By now, there are Radio Stations doted across the towns and villages all over the country; I believe the Police can effectively use this medium to educate the public in their various local dialects on the duties and responsibilities of the Police Force as a law and order enforcement agency as well as the roles and responsibilities of the public in maintaining law and order. Also organizing keep fit and gymnastics session to enhance community engagement and build rapport with the people. This would ensure that in the event of any mishap the first point of contact subconsciously for any individual should be to the Police.

Captain Mahama was lynched

Captain Mahama was lynched

May the Soul of Captain Adam Mahama Rest in Perfect Peace!

God Bless Our Homeland Ghana!

By Setor Nyadroh



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