Gov’t To Recruit 8,000 Teachers- President Akufo-Addo

by | Jul 7, 2018 | Education, Politics | 0 comments

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has stated that government will recruit about 8,000 more teachers into various Senior High Schools (SHS) across the country for the next academic year.

This, according to him, is in anticipation of the overwhelming numbers of students who will greet at the doors of SHS across the country as a result of the Free SHS policy.

He anticipated that the numbers will double from the 90,000 more who gained access to secondary education in the first of the policy than in the previous year will increase to 180,000 in the next academic year as a result of the policy.

“The skeptics and the naysayers have been put to shame Free SHS is now a reality. Last academic year beginning in September, 90, 000 more young boys and girls got into senior high school than they did the year before because of the policy,” the president stated.

“This year, the figure will double to 180,000 and to take care of this additional population, we are going to recruit over 8, 000 more teachers.”

He said this when he addressed party supporters at the 26th National Delegates Conference of the New Patriot Party (NPP).

He reiterated government’s commitment to the policy and said, every young Ghanaian child must have access to quality secondary education no matter where he or she is born or the financial circumstances of their parents.

“We are going to ensure that every young Ghanaian child no matter where he or she is born, no matter the financial circumstances of his or her parents will have access to a minimum of quality secondary education,” he said.

The president has also used the opportunity to enumerate some of the major achievements his government and the NPP have chalked since they took over in January 2017.

He mentioned that they have doubled the capitation grant, expanded the school feeding program, restored teacher and nurses training allowances, and revived the national health insurance scheme.

He called on party supporters to remain resolute and focus in order to deliver on the promises to the good people of Ghana.

New party officers will be elected at this congress to stir the affairs of the party going into the next general election in 2020.



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