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The Republic Editorial: Rev Owusu Bempah and his Hallucinated Prophesies

The founder and leader of Glorious Word Ministry International ,known for his reckless and never-fulfilling prophesies , has once again  prophesied that there will be gunshots at the New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) stronghold during the December 7 polls. He added that the NPP flag bearer, Akufo-Addo, will be assassinated in the process. What is frightening about this kind of irresponsible and useless prophesies is that they cannot be verified and the would-be assassins arrested: it remains a prophesy. The Republic believes this sort of behaviour from some so-called men of God has the potency of disturbing the peace of...

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The Gazette Editorial: Police Must Prevent Selling of Weapons on our Streets

Hawking has become a thriving business in Accra and other cities across Ghana. City authorities have tried to clamp down on the operations of hawkers but all to no avail. One very disturbing phenomenon in recent times on hawking is the selling of wares that can be used as weapons by criminals to foment trouble. Hawkers now freely sell daggers and   other forms of knives and items that can be used to cause harm to anyone. The Gazette is calling on the police service to check this frightening situation before it gets out of hand. Particularly in this election year where...

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The Republic Editorial: NPP Must Leave Dele Momodu Alone

One salient element of any fledgling or advanced democracy is the spirit of tolerance for divergent views from political opponents or perceived opponents. Divergent views on discourses should not degenerate into insults and physical attacks. Dele Momodu, a celebrated Nigerian journalist, a writer and owner of Ovation Magazine has not hidden his praise for President John Mahama. He has continually commended the president for his massive achievements in the health, energy, education, road networks amongst others. This, Momodu contended is in sharp contrast back in his home country Nigeria where Mahmoud Buhari seems to be doing very little from the...

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The Republic Editorial: Government’s Commitment to Private Education

For a nation to transit from a developing state to a developed one, education must be the game changer. It is for this reason that governments across the world invest heavily in education-the catalyst for growth. The commitment of the Mahama-led National Democratic Congress (NDC) administration towards education is immeasurable. From the nursery to basic schools, senior high schools to the tertiary level; conditions, welfare and training of teachers and lecturers, this government’s investment is very profound. One thorny issue, however, that continues to linger on in the discourse of investments in education is the commitment of governments over the years towards private education. Owners and...

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The Republic Editorial: DKM Settlement Commendable

The cries and woes of customers of DKM Financial Services, who have been swindled in a financial scam, have finally been answered. The NDC government has started, fromMonday, making payments to victims of the financial scam some part of their investments. The Republic commends government for coming in to save the situation from going worse even though not all their investments have been returned. The opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) disgracefully used the DKM scandal to score cheap political points to the point of drawing the First Lady Lordina Mahama’s name into it. She was accused of being the...

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