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Elephants almost never get cancer: Why?

“Anti-aging medicine is not about stretching out the last years of life. It’s about stretching out the middle years of life… and actually compressing those last year’s few years of life so that diseases of aging happen very, very late in the life cycle, just before death, or don’t happen at all.” — Dr. Klatz. One  interesting write ups on this I chanced was written by Caitlin A. Nichols is a Ph.D. candidate in the Biological and Biomedical Sciences program at Harvard University and also Why some animals live for centuries and don’t get cancer by  David Warmflash |...

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The Citizen’s Mail Editorial: Nduom Must Grow Up

The Electoral Commission (EC) headed by Madam Charlotte Osei must be shielded from baseless attacks and  political opportunists by all well-meaning Ghanaians and lovers of democracy. In the heat of the disqualification of over ten presidential aspirants from contesting this year’s elections come December 7,the EC has suffered all forms of attacks from the said disqualified aspirants and their supporters. One of such sour disgruntled characters is Dr Paa Kwesi Nduom,the presidential aspirant of the Progressive People’s Party(PPP). It must be put on record that the PPP took the EC to court over the cost of this year’s  filing...

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The Gazette Editorial: Freddy Blay the greedy

The acting Chairman of the New Patriotic Party is in the news again for the wrong reason. The latest edition of the Africanwatch Magazine has revealed how greedy and treacherous the character Freddie Blay is. The editor of the widely circulated magazine wrote: “At the time, some people inside the NPP had realized that John Mahama, then the MP for the Bole-Bamboi Constituency, could someday become president, so they were scheming to offer a cushy international job in the UK as bait to get him out of the country. “Unaware of this plot, Mahama went ahead and applied for the job. But...

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The Republic Editorial: Hooting and Insulting Political Opponents must Stop

Our fledgling democratic dispensation need to be guarded and protected. We have made considerable gains as a people in this democratic experiment but we risk losing some of these gains if enough civic education  is not done by the National Commission for Civic Education  and other statutory bodies. Political tolerance is critical for the survival of any democracy especially when peace, unity and love is supposed to be expressed and shared among the people. Over the years political leaders have been pelted with stones, hooted at and insulted without any provocation by perceived political opponents. This The Republic considers...

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The Republic Editorial: EC Must be Firm on its Decision

  On Monday, the Electoral Commission disqualified over ten presidential aspirants on various electoral irregularities such as forgery, misrepresentation and inappropriate information contained in their filing forms. It also came to the fore that some of the presidential aspirants’ forms were filled by same persons with same names but different signatures in different districts. Some portions of their forms were also not endorsed or signed as required by law. What was most shocking is that some of those who endorsed the forms for most of these presidential aspirants had done multiple registrations on the electoral register. This a serious electoral...

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