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Mob Justice Worrying

I am worried about the mob action that took the life of Captain Adam Mahama and the numerous incessant mob actions across the country. I mean this could happen to any of us, if you’ve ever wondered! Mob action is completely barbaric and unjustifiable and must be a concern for all peace loving people. I am worried that the first point of contact in a suspected criminal case was not to the Police but the Assembly man. Now, this must stop and any efforts towards achieving this aim must not be spared before this menace gets out hand. Well-meaning...

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When Do You Value Weather?

It saddens my heart when rain disasters occur and Ghana Meteorological Agency (GMet) takes the blame for not being up and doing in their duties. What attention and concern have we as a country, paid to the state and affair of GMet? Have we tried to find out about the reason for their inability as an institution? I guess not, solely because we do not appreciate the role their research on weather plays in our daily lives? If I may ask, do we realize the existence of GMet only when we need someone to blame after a rain disaster?...

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Kofi B. KUKUBOR Writes: Legitimization Of Criminality

 Madam Chief of Staff Reference your letter, STATEMENT ON RETRIEVAL OF STATE ASSETS UNLAWFULLY POSSESSED BY INDIVIDUALS, dated February 3, 2017. I read your letter as stated above with fear and trepidation. It is not because I am in possession of a State vehicle or have ever be assigned one to my possession. It is because, this letter is coming on the back of NPP’s Invisible forces invading government offices, and flats demanding the removal of legally employed and mandated employees from such flats and offices, and also individual homes suspected to have had dealings with the NDC government...

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Conrad Kakraba Writes: Reflections On 2016 Elections

Democracy has truly come to stay in Ghana as the form for determining who leads us as a people. HIGH MARKS The 2016 General Elections have received high marks from all and sundry despite a few hitches, especially with the special voting and minor incidents in the main election in a few places. These setbacks notwithstanding, we have all risen above our parochial interests to make Ghana emerge again as an unassailable beacon of democratic governance in the subregion in particular, in Africa by extension, and in the world as a whole. Ghanaians and other international partners have all...

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The Republic Editorial: NPP Must Stop the Manufactured Endorsements

Many chiefs and  community leaders across the country have been giving their genuine endorsements for President John Mahama’s  second term bid as he continues crisscrossing every breadth and length of Ghana campaigning. These genuine endorsements of the president’s candidature are borne out of his good leadership skills and the massive infrastructural developments he has spread across the country. The beneficiaries , who are the people of Ghana, see the immediate and long term benefits  of the many schools,hospitals and clinics,potable water projects amongst others . This they continue to show appreciation for by calling on everyone to give the...

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